Why are the tableware product lines adapted to the hotel/restaurant sector? Discover the different collections put forward for the hospitality sector. COSTA NOVA is a Portuguese brand owned by GRESTEL, a company dedicated to manufacturing, designing and distributing tableware and accessories made of fine stoneware since 1998. The company has 3 factory units and 2 modern logistic centers, and produces more than 850.000 stoneware pieces for month using the best natural resources in Portugal and a single-firing system at high temperature. An original formula which makes our stoneware more durable and resistant to both thermal and mechanical shocks.

COSTA NOVA first stoneware collections were launched in 2005 and the brand can now be found in over 50 countries in the most prestigious stores, hotels and restaurants.

At COSTA NOVA we take pride in crafting unique pieces that reflect or unique style and aesthetics. Our tabletop solutions in fine stoneware combine quality, innovative design, and functionality with high respect from Nature. Our products are produced with local clays, and are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable. Special collections such Plano, Lagoa and Âmbar are made of Eco Gres®, a new raw material, completely sustainable, made of ceramic surplus of our own factory production. Best-selling collections like Friso, Nova, and the signature collections Nótos and Roda continue to drive attention with their unique design and performance.

In 2021 the brand will unveil new and special tabletop solutions for the hospitality business . Âmbar, a Chef’s collection designed by Carsten Gollnick, and Boutique, a multifunctional collection designed to add visual excitement to any buffet or food display are two of the NEW FOR 2021 COSTA NOVA Hospitality collections, that we proudly share firs-hand, at EquipHotel WEEK.





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